Tydvil Hotel & Broken Hill Distillery

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Tydvil Hotel & Broken Hill Distillery

Tydvil Hotel is the place to go for delicious pub meals, AHA NSW Best Parmi 2019, great steaks, cold beer, Broken Hill Gin, friendly service with a smile and to enjoy yourself with family and friends. Right next door to the award winning Broken Hill Distillery and our refurbished Beer garden.

Excellence in Hospitality
Tydvil Hotel
AHA NSW – Australian Hotels Association
Best Parmi 2019

Discover our Distillery

And whilst making your journey through the vast outback to Broken Hill, you will find just that.
In an unassuming building in the most unlikely of locations, lies the beating heart of this outback town.
Broken Hill Distillery welcomes visitors and locals alike to experience first-hand the distilling process followed by a tasting and a beverage or two to follow in the best of company and in the most iconic of locations.

Broken Hill Distillery in far west New South Wales has won two medals for its Gunpowder Gin at this year’s World Gin Awards in London.
The distillery officially opened last February.

World Gin Awards in London 2022
Gunpowder Gin Won Gold medal in the Matured class
Gunpowder Gin Won Silver medal in the Naval Strength class
Australian Gin Awards 2021
Gunpowder Gin Won Gold medal for Matured class
Far West Gin won Silver medal in Classic Dry class

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